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Conditions that we treat

Low Back Pain

Low back pain

A common problem affecting both the young and old, this includes discomfort in the low back, pelvis, buttock, tailbone region and sometimes the pain can travel into the groin or the hip regions. Prolonged sitting, standing, walking and/or bending forward becomes uncomfortable. If you are cracking your own joints you need to stop. Unresolved low back pain can go on for years. Proper care from us will put that to a stop.

Neck/Shoulder Stiffness

Neck shoulder pain

Modern lifestyle with frequent use of your electronic gadgets is usually the main culprit. People often sustain a bad sitting posture with text neck syndrome. Muscles around the neck region are constantly strained. Students and desk job workers are at high risk. A heavy bag often makes this worse. Besides delivering specific adjustments, we have useful ergonomic tips for you.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder

If you have difficulty lifting your arms, combing your hair, clasping on your bra, you might be a victim of frozen shoulder. Women are more prone to being affected by frozen shoulder. Overuse and previous trauma to the shoulder puts you at risk. If you suspect that you have frozen shoulder, do visit us to find out more.


Numbness tingling

Some describe it as pins and needles or ants crawling. High chances are your nerves are affected, thus giving you the abnormal sensation. Mostly occurring at the arms or legs. A misconception is that discomfort occurs due to problem in the discomfort area. The truth is that when your nerves are affected, the discomfort spot may occur elsewhere. We have the ways to determine the root cause of your problem.

Joint Pain/Arthritis

Joint pain arthritis

Degeneration is normal as we age due to wear and tear, but early degeneration is not normal. The Chinese calls this ‘feng sap’ at their fingers, wrists, knees and ankles. Joint pains can be due to many reasons, but the most common ones are due to previous injuries. An example will be falling on an outstretched arm, while using your wrist to break the fall.

Sports Injury

Sport injury ankle sprain

Be it overuse, compensation, sprain and strain, sports injury occurs at different part of the body. Cheerleading, racquet sports, dance and other fitness sports should be fun. We would like to partner with you in your journey of recovery, so that you can enjoy your favourite sports without any pains!

Whiplash injury


A sudden, forceful jerk during a motor vehicle crash is harmful to the neck. This is due to an abrupt acceleration-deceleration as the motor vehicle comes to an immediate stop. Many experiences muscle spasm and neck pain from whiplash. Roller coaster rides and water sports are equally aggressive to the neck.

Slipped Disc

Slipped disc

A slipped disc is when a soft cushion of tissue between the bones of your spine pushes out. It is painful if it presses on nerves and you might experience a strong pain or pulling at the low back, buttock and further continue to the thigh. Walking, turning around in bed, getting up from bed becomes extremely painful. Recurrence of slipped disc can be frequent. We can help you minimize those recurrences.


Headache migraine dizziness vertigo

Tired of taking pain medications for your headache? Problems in the spine can contribute to these symptoms, causing interruption to daily activities. Neck and shoulders stiffness are common with headache and migraines too. Common diagnosis are tension headache, cervicogenic headache and cluster headache.

Hand/Leg Pain

Hand and leg pain

We can help more than just the spine! Carpal tunnel syndrome,de Quervain’s syndrome, golfers and tennis elbow, arthritis, trigger finger and tendinitis are just a few examples. Some reports of burning sensations down to the fingertips or stiffness at the knuckles and fingers upon waking up. A spinal issue can contribute to these symptoms.



Pulling pain or burning sensation travelling from the buttocks to the thigh, calf and sometimes to the foot. It is usually on one side of the leg only. Walking and putting weight on the affected foot takes tremendous effort for those affected. Nerve irritation can cause these symptoms.



A 3D unusual curvature of the spine, commonly known as S-shaped or C-shaped spine. Scoliosis may start since young or develop further in life. Besides aesthetic reasons, organ function is also crucial as scoliosis becomes severe. A thorough analysis of the spine will help determine what is the best course of treatment for you. Bring your little ones in for checkups before puberty as there is the most optimal period for treatment.

Uneven Leg Length

Uneven leg length

This can be due to congenital (from birth), trauma or the pelvis. The pelvis is biomechanically connected with the knees, ankles and foot. If there is issue with the pelvis, it can affect your leg length difference. A shoe lift might also prescribed if it is appropriate for your case.

Other Rehabilitation Conditions

  • Parkinson's disease

  • Neurological (gait training)

  • Stroke, cerebral palsy

  • Down syndrome, global developmental delay

  • ACL, PCL, meniscus repair/reconstruct

  • Post-operation

  • Fractures

  • Total knee/hip replacement

  • Above knee/below knee amputation


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