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20 Years of Pain & Numbness

I've been suffering from

1) shoulder pain

2) neck pain

3) back pain

4) Right arm numbness and soreness

The above problems have been with me for 20 over years. Have been through lots of treatments like massages, chiropractors, physio, was diagnosed as slipped disc etc but the problems still persist, until I met ASAP Spine & Health, recommended by my friend!

First 2-3 treatments, relief a little of the pain and soreness, body felt tired and still uncomfortable. I persisted and patiently went through a few more treatments because my chiropractor taught me that healing takes time. Amazingly after one month, most of the issues have been improved a lot, the pain, numbness and soreness reduced almost 90%. I am feeling more energetic, my movements are smoother and comfortable, very happy that I get to enjoy a better quality of life after so many years!!

Thank you so much and really appreciate Kyle and Adeline for their patience, professionalism and their friendliness!! ❤

- Pauline


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