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Severe Leg Pain

Before the first visit, my dad was taking all kinds of pain killers to reduce the pain that he has which is caused by his slipped disc issue but it didn't help even. Before this he can barely sit don't even speak of walking, in that period, eating and even walking to the toilet feels like a nightmare to him cause the pain he feels is something that words could not explain.

We first went to ASAP at first for physiotherapy but they

suggested that based on my dad's situation, chiropractic will be a better solution for him. And after 3-4 visits, he can walk slowly for daily needs and we can see significant improvement through each visit. And right now, he can walk like normal and even go shopping with us without suffering. Thank you super duper much to Lance for his experience, knowledge and professionalism in treating my dad as well as helping him recover.

Thank you to ASAP Spine & Health team, Lance and Emily. All the caring, kind, and friendly from all staff made us feel like home. The whole environment there is AMAZING where you don't feel like a patient. 100% worth it for the overall experience.



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